Welcome to my blog where I wish to introduce you to the work I’ve been doing in the exciting field of spine kinematics! My name is Jonathan (Jonny) Branney. I was a staff nurse for a number of years before qualifying as a chiropractor and recently completed my PhD into the mechanism of spinal manipulation at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bournemouth University and AECC.

Quantitative fluoroscopy set-up for cervical spine

Quantitative fluoroscopy set-up for cervical spine

My colleagues and I in the Institute of Musculoskeletal Research and Clinical Implementation (IMRCI) at AECC, Bournemouth, UK, researched inter-vertebral spinal motion using an innovative technology called OSMIA (Objective Spinal Motion Imaging Assessment). The generic name for this technique is Quantitative Fluoroscopy (QF) and for consistency I will always refer to QF in this blog as this is the internationally agreed terminology.

You will already be able to see a number of videos I have posted on the “Cervical  spine quantitative fluoroscopy (OSMIA) videos” page that should give you a good idea of what this procedure is all about. I have some corrections to finalise my thesis after which I will post more information about the results of the research and any implications for clinical practice.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more!

Email: jbranney@bournemouth.ac.uk

Twitter: @Chiroresearcher

View Jonathan Branney's profile on LinkedIn

Bournemouth University profile: http://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/jbranney


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