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Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy and Chiropractic – (not so) subtle parallels?

IFOMPT 2016 – Some not so subtle parallels with developments in the chiropractic profession

Presenting work on mechanism of spinal manipulation at IFOMPT 2016

Presenting work on mechanism of spinal manipulation at IFOMPT 2016

I had considered writing a blog on my experience of attending my first physiotherapy conference, IFOMPT 2016. This was an excellent experience, and I’ve written a bit more about the conference here, on Bournemouth University’s Research Blog. (You can get copy of the poster here). What I was considering adding in this blog was a consideration of some of the striking parallels between the themes than ran through this conference and the delegation of orthopaedic/manipulative physical therapists/physiotherapists, and that which permeate the chiropractic profession too. Luckily for me, I was beaten to it, which saved me writing it. For chiropractors interested in recent developments and controversies in the profession, read this blog by Canadian physiotherapist Jesse Awenus. Sound familiar?



IFOMPT 2016 poster presentation – Does cervical lordosis change after spinal manipulation? A prospective cohort study


For any IFOMPT 2016 attendee (or anyone else!) who wants a copy of the poster, please click here: Poster IFOMPT 2016 A4 size, and if you want to find out more, the study was published here shortly after the abstract was accepted for presentation.

This blog contains some more information about my research into the mechanism of spinal manipulation. More will follow.

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