Watch motion x-rays on your mobile/cellphone!

It came to my attention that as a result of changing the ‘theme’ of the Chiroresearcher blog it was no longer possible to access the drop-down menus on a mobile. I’ve changed the theme again to rectify this. Apologies if anyone was prevented  from accessing the videos, should be fine now!




2 thoughts on “Watch motion x-rays on your mobile/cellphone!

  1. Dr. Bill F. Puglisi, DC, CCWP

    Jonathan, we use Digital Motion x-Ray to evaluate spinal ligament injury after trauma. Deterrents (Mostly Insurance companies) claim it is not useful because it does not give a clinician any additional information than a regular x-ray. We are VERY interested in your research and how it relates to Chiropractic. But we cannot access the article in the British journal, as it is missing (has been removed) How can we get a copy of all your findings related to use of the DMX? Dr. Bill

    1. Jonathan Branney Post author

      Hi Dr Puglisi. Hopefully you got my reply via In case not, very happy to send you the European Spine Journal conference abstract. We’ve submitted a full paper to Chiropractic & Manual Therapies which we hope to be published in the next month or two. The paper includes all the main results of the study. My research may not be that useful regarding spinal ligament injury as I excluded whiplash and other trauma. However, I think you might be very interested in the technology we use.
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll get that abstract to you ASAP.

      Jonny Branney


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