An interesting post with some useful links at the end for those interested in the physiological effects of manual therapy. Dare you listen, via the link, to find out how the Piddingtons were able to do their trick…?

Keith's Korner

I recently listened to a segment of Radiolab, titled, ‘You Are The Judge.” It featured the story of Sydney and Lelsy Piddington. Apparently, they were a big deal on British radio 60 years ago.

The Piddingtons purported to be mentalists: he would be on stage somewhere in front of a live audience while she was somewhere else altogther. A call would be placed to Lesley by an operator and she would read Syndey’s mind. You will need to listen to the podcast to appreciate the drama and mystery of their trick.

It was produced incredibly well and there are 2 episodes of their show that have survived. In one episode, Sydney was able silently convey to his wife the full line of text of a book randomly selected by an audience member from a pile of random books on stage – while she was in a building miles…

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