Let’s Talk Spinal Manipulation (Thrust, Grade 5, or whatever else you wanna call it)…

Interesting thoughts on the effects that spinal manipulation might have on skin and muscle. Good point that many often think only of the vertebrae regarding the mechanism of manipulation, however there must be a mediating effect of changes in the soft tissues for joint motion to be changed, yes? (Assuming that manipulation actually achieves joint motion changes – I’m trying to find this out. Results very soon!)

Forward Thinking PT

Spinal manipulation is an intervention we commonly employ as Physical Therapists.   We have several names for it (because of inter-professional turf wars) and loads of RCTs (supposedly) supporting its use.   In addition, there are loads of continuing education courses and certifications, each claiming to teach you (more) effective ways to manipulate the spine.  For gosh sakes,  I get a new pamphlet every other day.  But in all of this hype, what do we truly know about the effects of spinal manipulation?  Can we truly design one more RCT to measure its effectiveness if we barely know the potential physiological mechanisms behind its effectiveness(ok I stole this idea from Jim Meadows at the AAOMPT conference this year, but it is just so good)?  Should we simply employ a rule, when we don’t understand the process?  I am not sure…but lets dig a bit deeper.  Let’s attempt to understand the complexity of spinal manipulation.

Basic Anatomy/Physiology/and other…

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