Monthly Archives: May 2013

PhD study into mechanism of spinal manipulation – recruitment phase completed

I’m pleased to announce that 30 healthy volunteers have been successfully recruited signally the completion of the recruitment phase of the study. Healthy volunteers received low-dose quantitative fluoroscopy (OSMIA) to measure the movement of their neck vertebrae at baseline and four weeks later. This will let me estimate how much inter-vertebral motion might vary over time in people with no neck pain receiving no treatment. Any motion changes observed in patients receiving spinal manipulation will need to be larger than any changes that occur in the healthy volunteer group for there to be any suggestion of association with the treatment. We’ll know soon – watch this space! 


The Chiro-Researcher column, Caffeine magazine

From the ‘The Chiro-researcher, Caffeine magazine’ tab you will now find the first 4 articles I wrote for this student magazine at AECC. The articles are intended to be a light-hearted introduction to some ideas and the research going on relevant to chiropractic, and to introduce OSMIA and it’s potential role in spinal pain management. My hope is that you might find something interesting here or, at the very least, you’re entertained for a couple of minutes (big hope, I know, but aim high, right?) If you do enjoy them you’ll be pleased to know there are more articles to come soon. If you don’t enjoy them, I’m sorry, I’ll try harder next time.