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The objective measurement of continuous cervical inter-vertebral motion in living subjects – WFC 2013

I will be presenting my preliminary PhD work measuring cervical spine inter-vertebral motion with quantitative fluoroscopy at the World Federation of Chiropractic 12th Biennial Congress in Durban, South Africa, April 10-13 2013. The aim of this preliminary work was to determine the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative fluoroscopy (also called OSMIA) in the measurement of cervical inter-vertebral motion. I intend to publish a PDF of the poster presentation here soon after the Congress.

The basis of my PhD is to explore the mechanism of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT). I am measuring inter-vertebral motion in patients with neck pain both before and after a four-week course of SMT to find out if this motion changes and, most importantly, whether any such changes correspond with patient-reported improvement. Inter-vertebral motion is also being measured in healthy volunteers with no neck pain receiving no treatment, at baseline and four-week follow-up, to provide comparative ‘normal’ motion data.

If you find the possibilities that may arise from this research as exciting as me, or if you are curious and would like to know more, or if you have any feedback on what you’ve read or seen, I’d love to hear from you!